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Seats: A Study Through 1 Samuel

Seats: A Study Through 1 Samuel

Our new series 'Seats' is based on the book of 1 Samuel. We will journey together
looking at the lives of David, Samuel, Saul, Johnathan, and God's People as they help us
to shed light on our own journey. Originally 1 & 2 Samuel was one historical book but
through the years it was separated into two different books in the canon. The first book
of Samuel covers a time of about 90 years starting at Samuel's birth around 1100 BC
unto the death of Saul around the year 1010 BC. So often we have seats in life that are
given to us or ones that we try to take for ourselves. The places we seat ourselves are so
important for our journey with God. We hope that you might come and 'sit' with us
through this series as we look at the life of David and the many seats that he and the
others around him take. Go to series page

Latest Sermon:

A Seat of Worship | | 06/06/2021

At Mineral Springs United Methodist Church, we take seriously our calling as followers of Jesus to love God with all our heart, mind, and soul – and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

One of the ways we do this is through worship. We offer four worship opportunities each week: a modern worship experience called “The Bridge” at 9:45 in our Family Life Center, Traditional worship services at 8:30, 11:00, and an online worship experience via Facebook.

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